Ketamine is a powerful general anesthetic that is used to stop humans and animals from experiencing pain during operations.

It started being used as a party drug in the late 2000s, with people taking it before raves for a more intense experience. BUY KETAMINE  LIQUID ONLINE

What are the side effects of ketamine? 

Ketamine causes a loss of feeling and paralysis of the muscles.

The dissociative state induced byketamine liquid for sale|liquid ketamine for sale|buy ketamine online ketamine almost certainly underlies its appeal as a recreational drug.

Many claim ketamine withdrawal is worse than any other drug, with some feeling so depressed they contemplate suicide. If you are having suicidal thoughts, contact the Samaritans here.

Ketamine may also cause people to feel incapable of moving or lead to panic attacks, confusion, and memory loss.

Regular users can seriously damage their bladders, which may need to be surgically removed.

Subjective effects include perceptual distortions, sensations of floating, vivid dreams, or illusions.

Other risks include a raised heart rate and blood pressure.

How is it taken and what is the law around it? 

For medical use ketamine is liquid but the ‘street’ drug is normally a grainy, white powder, with one gram costing around £20.

As a class B drug in the UK, possession of ketamine can result in people facing up to five years in jail, while supplying it could mean up to 14 years in prison.

Both cases may result in people facing an unlimited fine.

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